All user data is securely stored in , On-line Booking System, Shedul’s backed up, encrypted cloud database. Our system uses SSL security, our data bases are encrypted.
The information that we ask on our appointment system is for direct contact from Sunbodies/3Dlipo High wycombe only. The contact would be regarding appointments that have been made or to be made or amended.
The client forms that are completed, by hand, for treatments by 3D lipo High Wycombe are to establish that each client is suitable for the treatment requested. And that we have a signed document from client confirming that they have no contr-indications. We can confirm that they are kept, locked, in cupboard. All forms are destroyed 12 months after treatment is finished. 
Within the salon, the sunbed client details are kept for when minute packages are purchased. We keep records of your name, contact number and date of birth, whilst packages are being used. If minutes aren't used with 12 months of purchase, then they will expire. Client records will be deleted after 24 months packaged has expired. 
We do not share your details with any 3rd party. 
Your own personal records are available to be viewed if asked.